ELSA – Early Surveillance for Autoimmune diabetes

Recruiting until: End of August 2024

‘Sooner we screen, sooner we can intervene’

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The ELSA Study is screening children aged from 3-13 years to determine their risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

Who can take part?

ANY child aged 3-13 years who does not currently have type 1 diabetes. There is no need for the child to be from a family where someone has type 1 diabetes – children from any family can be tested.

What does the ELSA Study involve?

Parents/guardians willing for their child/ren to take part in the ELSA Study can complete the consent form online or by post. The screening test is a simple finger-stick blood test. The home testing kit is available to families across the United Kingdom and this will be sent by post with instructions and a video of how to perform the test.

For  any child found to be at risk of type 1 diabetes in the future, we will invite the family to attend a one-to-one education session to explain what the results mean. We will also refer the family to further research studies their child may be eligible for, including monitoring follow-up and prevention trials.

For more information, please visit our online information tool for parents:


Who is running this study?

The ELSA study is being run by the University of Birmingham and led by Professor Parth Narendran. The ELSA study is co-funded by Diabetes UK and JDRF.

For any queries, please contact the ELSA Study Team:

Online contact form: https://elsadiabetes.nhs.uk/contact-us/

Call: 0121 414 7814 (Monday – Friday, 9-5pm)

Email: elsa@contacts.bham.ac.uk

If you are interested in taking part, please click the “Get Involved” button below:

Recruiting sites:

If your child screens positive in the ELSA study, you will be invited for further testing at one of the children’s research hospitals.

Please visit ELSA Testing Locations for more information.