Scientists and researchers are hoping to slow down the progression or prevent type one diabetes with immunotherapy treatments. This thought-provoking article from  DUK’s Balance magazine explains how immunotherapy can help fight type 1 diabetes.

Delaying type 1 diabetes: an exciting breakthrough has been made by scientists in the trial of an immunotherapy drug that has been shown to delay a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

Preserving Insulin production in people with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes: progress made with drug aiming to boost insulin production in newly diagnosed type 1’s.

We have two exciting agendas lined up for our Consortium meetings being held at the DUK conference in Liverpool on 5th and 6th March.

All scientists from the Consortium are getting together on 5th March for an interesting day of reporting developments in type 1 diabetes research in the UK.

On Wednesday evening the annual meeting for all Consortium sites that recruit patients into clinical trials will take place. This will include representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and is a great opportunity for our researchers to join together and reflect on achievements and plan for future trials.

local organising committee

Dear Colleagues, Our IDS congress committee has organized an outstanding scientific program for this year’s IDS meeting and coupled this to an exciting venue in the heart of London, UK.

Researchers with an interest in the immunology of diabetes and autoimmunity attended as well as those interested in gaining a greater understanding of the disease and the development of new therapeutic strategies. Talks from global experts covered a wide range of current topics of interest to the community, including ground-breaking technologies, cell-based and advanced therapeutics, immunopathology of type 1 diabetes and pathways to beta cell failure. There was lots of networking and discussion, with the shared hope of moving towards our common goal of understanding the immunology of type 1 diabetes and how we may intervene to change the course of disease.

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Immunology of Diabetes Society Congress 2018

BSI in collaboration with the T1D UK research consortium and the Immunology of Diabetes Society organised a  “taster” day of research in Type 1 diabetes with national and international experts including:

  • Professor Colin Dayan, Chair – T1D UK Immunotherapy Research Consortium, Cardiff University
  •  Professor Susan Wong, Cardiff University
  •  Professor Mark Peakman, King’s College London
  •  Professor Tim Tree, Lead – Mechanistic Core T1D UK Immunotherapy Research Consortium, King’s College London

The event took place 25th October 2018 at the QEII conference centre in Westminster, London and gave young scientists the chance to meet the lab leaders in this area and explore future career opportunities.

Researchers at King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital look into the possibility of slowing the progression of type 1 diabetes.

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MonoPepT1De clinical trial for type 1 diabetes treatment shows promising results.

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