T1D Engagement Group

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Welcome to T1D Engagement Group or T1D EgG, a monthly meeting for T1D researchers, in which we hope ‘great things will hatch!’.

This group came about as a follow-up to the successful GW4-sponsored Type 1 diabetes Group meeting between researchers in the Southwest in 2019. This platform has allowed us to continue our successful collaborations, exchange ideas and data, and encourage the development of further studies.


We are looking for some ECRs to present Journal Clubs on some of the recent trials in T1D. If you are an ECR who is interested or if you would like to volunteer an ECR, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Tuesday May 14th 3-4pm – Dr Mark Russell, University of Exeter – “JAK inhibitors as a treatment for type 1 diabetes; exploring the evidence”
  • Monday June 3rd 1-2PM – Dr Rosemary Greenwood (TBC)
  • July – Dr Stephanie Hanna, University of Cardiff – Title TBC
  • Aug/ Sept – break
  • October (dates TBC) – Sarah Richardson – SMF Grand Challenge Fellowship update
  • November (dates TBC) – T1DRA Update Kathleen Gillespie (TBC)

For more information and the zoom link please contact Anna.Long@bristol.ac.uk or S.Richardson@exeter.ac.uk.

Brief information on the session types

The meetings will take place monthly. Sessions will be a mix of ‘Two 20-minute talks with discussion time’, a quarterly ‘Themed session’ or a Plenary Single speaker session.

The sessions alternate between Monday 1-2pm and Tuesday 3-4pm.

Speaker instructions:

  • 20-minute talks with ~ 10 mins for discussion
  • There is no pressure to fill the time
  • Please include an introduction for a general type 1 diabetes audience. We have plenty of postgraduate students, so please aim your talk at a level understandable to them.
  • The group includes a mix of researchers, but we are all doing some research related to type 1 diabetes. It includes research active clinicians, immunologists, cell biologists, and data scientists. So please ensure you are pitching your talk to make it accessible to all.

Research updates from T1D EgG team members:

New research, published in the journal, Diabetic Medicine, has revealed that children who develop type 1 diabetes (T1D) under the age of 12 activate genes involved in immune responses that does not occur in people who develop the disease at an older age. Identification of these differentially expressed genes associated with lymphocyte differentiation, activation and migration in the pancreas of young people developing diabetes is helping us to better understand disease endotypes, which remains key to targeting of appropriate disease-modifying interventions. The paper is available to read online: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/dme.15155

Please if you have any recent papers that you would like to have advertised to the T1D EgG team, let us know and we can post a link here.