Type 1 Diabetes Risk in Adults

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Research Study screening for risk of type 1 diabetes in adults aged 18-70 years


To investigate how many adults in the general population are at risk of type 1 diabetes ( positive for islet autoantibodies) and to follow up these individuals annually to understand the natural history of type 1 diabetes in adults.

Eligibility to take part

General population adults in the UK (aged 18-70 years without type 1 diabetes)

What will I be asked to do?

Sign up and provide consent online and answer some clinical questions. A sample kit for a small capillary blood sample will be sent to you in the post with instructions on how to take the sample at home. Please return the sample by post in a pre-paid envelope. We will test for four different islet autoantibodies and communicate the results.

Who is running this study?

This study is run by diabetes researchers at the University of Bristol and it is funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

Link to website: T1DRA (bristol.ac.uk)

Twitter: @T1DRAdiabetes